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Using a Soleil Organics self tanner in Tampa is a safer way to achieve a healthy skin glow without putting your skin at risk. Soleil Organics self tanner products are manufactured with safe and natural components that promote skin health. They are conveniently offered in our Tampa office or can be purchased online at

Is a Soleil Organics Self Tanner Right for Me?

You can use a self tanner if you want a quick tanning method that is simple to apply and maintain. Clients who desire to look slimmer and have more radiant skin may benefit from this treatment. If you’re seeking a luxurious and safe sunless tanning experience, Soleil Organics self tanner products may be right for you.

Soleil Organics Self Tanner Preparation

Our staff will go over the tanning process with you prior to your self tanner session to ensure you get the greatest tanning experience possible. To achieve an even application, you will be encouraged to exfoliate and shave prior to the treatment. Allowing enough time for the application and progress of your tan is crucial.

What to Expect During the Self Tanner Session

Our professional aesthetician will ensure your skin is dry to help the self tanner go on evenly.

The Soleil Organics self tanner product will be applied to your arms, torso, and legs. The self tanner will be massaged into your skin in a circular motion. Our staff will lightly smooth the tanner from your wrists to your hands and from your ankles to your feet for a natural effect.

We also make sure to dilute the self-tanner on the ankles, elbows, and knees, as these areas tend to have a greater self tanner absorption than the other skin regions. To dilute the self tanner, our staff will delicately rub it with a damp towel or add a small layer of lotion on top.

The Soleil Organics self tanner should be left on your skin for three to four hours before showering to create a light-to-medium tan. You should keep the self tanner on your skin for four to eight hours before bathing if you want a medium-to-dark result.

What to Expect After the Self Tanner Session

After your self tanner session, you will be able to get dressed and resume your normal activities. You’ll be instructed to use a self-tanning moisturizer on a regular basis to extend and protect your tan. We have a moisturizer that is specifically made to go with your Soleil Organics self tanner.

Always use products that are specifically formulated for use before and after self tanner therapy for best results. The overall sunless tanning process may be hampered by over-the-counter products.

It’s crucial not to exfoliate after your Soleil Organics self tanner therapy. Make sure you’re simply using water or a light soap. It is advisable not to spend too much time in chlorinated pools if you don’t want your tan to fade rapidly.

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“Extremely professional, wonderful bedside manner. Listened to what I was looking for and asked questions to make sure I got the results I wanted. Followed up with me afterward to ensure I was happy. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Demetri!!”

by M. R.

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