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Aesthetician – Kayla White

Kayla White

My goal is to provide immediate and long-term corrective solutions for all skin concerns. At a young age I was intrigued by products and ingredients and how they worked in synergy with one another. The desire to learn more led me to the esthetics industry, where I have the opportunity to see amazing results in my clients. I believe the esthetics industry offers an on-going learning experience, and keeping up with available knowledge is key to being the best esthetician possible. Investing in your skin is a benefit that lasts a lifetime. Whether it’s seeking relief from wrinkles, sun damage, acne, acne scarring, inflammation etc. I take pride in each treatment that is performed. My clients are not just my clients, they are my friends. Their feelings, expectations and results are very important to me. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and educating them on skin care and treatments to enhance their confidence in their appearance.



Office Manager – Draceana Kwiatkowski

Draceana Kwiatkowaki

Draceana is a licensed aesthetician and certified in dermaplanning, advanced chemical peels, and microneedling. Her first love was nursing so anatomy of the body and especially skin is something she is very familiar with. She later began to provide care in weight loss nursing and realized how connected the gut was to your skin. Draceana went back to school and took hours above what the state requires in skin care. She is eager to help with any needs you may have with a focus on anti aging, hyperpigmentation, and acne. She is also a local to the Bay Area and enjoys marketing and the business aspect of a successful practice. She has recently accepted a position as Dr. Demetri’s office manager. Please call the office to schedule your custom service with her or any of the services Dr. Demetri can help you with.