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Scar Revision

Scar revision allows you to get rid of unappealing scars on your face or body. Do your scars prevent you from wearing the clothes you want and take a toll on your confidence? We can make these scars much less prominent.

Learning More About Scars

A scar usually consists of fibrous tissue and is part of the body’s natural healing mechanism. Scars form over injured or lost skin after damage has occurred as a result of trauma, medical conditions, or previous surgeries.

Your scar may be sunken, lumpy, colored, or flat. Your skin type, the location of damaged/absent skin, the type of injury, your age, your nutritional status, and the direction of the wound all determine how your scar will look.

A scar revision is a kind of plastic-surgery procedure intended to improve the appearance and condition of scars on your face and body. It can create a more cosmetically pleasing appearance for the treatment area but typically will not eliminate the scar completely.

Good Candidates for Scar Revision

You will need to consult with Dr. Demetri and discuss your expectations from the surgery with him. You will be a good candidate for scar revision if:

Dr. Demetri will determine if a single scar-revision treatment will be used or multiple in conjunction. Some scars can be treated with a singular scar-revision technique, while other stubborn scars may require more than one technique.

How is a Scar Revision Surgery Carried Out?

When you come in for your scar-revision surgery, you will first be anesthetized to reduce any discomfort that you would otherwise experience during the procedure.

Dr. Demetri will then perform the chosen procedure or procedures. The different treatment techniques available include:

Injectable Treatments Dermal fillers can be used to fill in concave scars. Injections containing steroidal-based compounds are another popular option; these reduce collagen formation and are successful in altering the appearance of the scar.

Topical Treatments – Tapes, gels, and external compression can help in wound closure and healing. Dr. Demetri may use these products to treat surface scars and discoloration. They are also used to help heal skin after other scar-revision procedures are performed.

Surface TreatmentsSurface treatments can improve surface irregularities of the skin and help treat uneven pigmentation. These involve tissue manipulation or the mechanical removal of the top layers of the skin. Laser resurfacing treatments and cutaneous-resurfacing treatments are examples of these.

Incision – In some cases, Dr. Demetri may make an incision to remove the old scar. After this, the layered closure method will be used to suture the incisions shut. Initial recovery takes one to two weeks, but you may have to wait months before you can enjoy the complete benefits of this scar-revision method.

I am very happy with the results

“Great doctor. I felt comfortable talking to him. Everything was straight forward and went exactly like he explained it. I am very happy with the results. I would recommend Dr. Demetri to a friend.”

by A. R.

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