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Micro Botox in Tampa, FL

Also known as Intradermal-BOTOX® and Meso-BOTOX®, Micro-BOTOX® injections are designed to target the sweat glands, oil glands, and arrector pili muscles of the face. The arrector pili muscles are attached to the hair follicles in mammals and are responsible for the appearance of goosebumps.

By targeting these glands and these particular muscles of the superficial skin, Micro-BOTOX® injections can help shrink pores so that they are less prominent.

How Micro Botox Works

Micro Botox injections cause your sweat glands, as well as your sebaceous glands (which secrete an oil that can contribute to the development of acne), to shrink and atrophy; they also visibly reduce pore size. The result of these changes is skin that is smoother, clearer, and less oily. And since the injections are made superficially instead of into the facial muscles, Micro Botox does not cause the loss of movement the “frozen” effect that regular Botox treatments can. Rather, Micro Botox works just underneath the surface of your skin to fill out the lines and wrinkles being targeted, leading to a translucent glow that makes your skin look healthy and more youthful.

Micro Botox Advantages

  • Reduces pore size
  • Tightens and smooths skin
  • Diminishes acne scar appearance
  • Lessens oil production
  • Reverses acne-causing inflammation
  • Provides natural looking results
  • Superficial injection– leaves facial muscles unaffected
  • Non-permanent treatment

This treatment results in youthful looking skin and a refreshed appearance: without the drawbacks of other Botox treatments. Unlike traditional Botox, Micro Botox is performed at a superficial level. This keeps facial muscles safe from the “freezing” effect common associated with Botox injections.

For some patients, Micro Botox treatment can treat both acne-causing inflammation and acne scarring. Micro Botox effects are not permanent and may be reapplied after a few months.

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The best Botox experience I’ve ever had

“I’m in my late 30’s and started getting Botox in my mid-twenties I have tried innumerable injectors and this was unequivocally the best Botox experience I’ve ever had!!”

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