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What is a Laceration?

A laceration is a deep cut into the skin that usually occurs as a result of trauma. These cuts can occur anywhere on the face or neck. The most important part of the evaluation is to be seen by an experienced facial expert. Dr. Demetri specializes in exclusively facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Having worked in some of the busiest trauma centers in the country, he can quickly evaluate your child and decide what type of repair will be necessary.

Typically, patients are sent to an emergency room or urgent care clinic to be seen for these lacerations. However, if you call our office at 813-603-3110, Dr. Demetri will see your child immediately and repair the laceration here in our state of the art office. His expertise in facial anatomy will make sure your child is left with the best result possible.

What Causes Lacerations?

Most of the causes of laceration are from blunt trauma. This can be from sports, motor vehicle accidents, or not uncommonly in pediatrics dog bites.Depending on the etiology of the laceration, it is imperative you are seen by an expert. The wound may need to be cleaned right away. If there are any issues with vision, swallowing or chewing, Dr. Demetri can decide if further testing is needed.

What is the Treatment for Lacerations?

For the majority of lacerations, Dr. Demetri will use fine sutures (stitches) to make sure the wound heals with a minimal scar. Anytime there is a cut in the skin a scar forms, sometimes its hardly noticeable, others can be more pronounced. It is essential the wound is repaired with meticulous attention to detail. Dr. Demetri uses his expertise in facial aesthetics to repair this for your child with little to no pain.

I am very happy with the results

“Great doctor. I felt comfortable talking to him. Everything was straight forward and went exactly like he explained it. I am very happy with the results. I would recommend Dr. Demetri to a friend.”

by A. R.

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What is the Recovery Following Laceration Repair?

Dr. Demetri will decide which type of suture is necessary at the time of evaluation. For pediatric patients, he often uses absorbable sutures which go away on their own. This means your child will not have to bear having the sutures cut out at a second appointment. If he uses non-absorbable sutures, he typically leaves those in for 5-7 days at which point they need to be removed. He will follow up with you and your child regularly to make sure the scar is healing as best as it possibly can.

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