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Deep Plane Facelift

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Patients who want to maintain their youthful and vibrant appearance can turn to the deep plane facelift. While signs of aging are a natural part of life, they’re not always a welcome change. This procedure removes signs of facial aging and offers long-lasting results. Patients who want to learn more about deep plane facelifts in Tampa can contact Dr. Demetri for a consultation.

What is a Deep Plane Facelift?

The deep plane facelift is a procedure that lifts and tightens deeper facial tissues than other facelift techniques. It is used to adjust the tissues found below the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS). This leads to correction of harsh signs of aging, creates natural-looking improvements, and allows the patient to enjoy long-lasting results.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Deep Plane Facelift?

The ideal candidates for deep plane facelift procedures are patients who have harsh signs of facial aging or are just beginning to develop them. As such, good candidates for this treatment are between the ages of 40 and 60.

Patients who are below that age range will not benefit as much from the procedure, and patients above it may have a higher chance of complications. Patients who have unrealistic expectations or are not in good physical health may not be ideal candidates for a deep plane facelift.

Learn About the Deep Plane Facelift

Your Deep Plane Facelift Consultation

When patients come in for a consultation regarding a deep plane facelift, they will first be asked about their goals for the procedure. They will also be given detailed information about what it will involve and what they can expect in terms of results.

Patients will then be examined to see which areas of the face and neck can benefit from the procedure. They will be encouraged to ask questions about the deep plane facelift process.

Your Deep Plane Facelift Session

During a deep plane facelift, patients are put under with the help of general anesthesia. Next, an incision is made near the ear. Deep ligaments are then carefully released in order to allow the tissues to be lifted. Excess skin is removed as needed. After the tissues have been manipulated to produce the desired effect, the incisions are closed with sutures.

Very natural

“I’ve been searching for a great DR for a while now in LA and I’m so glad I found Dr Demetri. He takes such good care of his patients and I’m loving his results. Very natural which is hard to find! Will not let anyone else touch my face.”

by H. H.

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Deep Plane Facelift Aftercare

Following the deep plane facelift procedure, patients will be asked to keep bandages in place for a time. They will also be provided instructions on how to care for the closed incisions and when to take the prescribed pain-control medications and antibiotics. Patients must follow these instructions to the letter.

Strenuous physical exercises will be discouraged during the entirety of the recovery process. There will be swelling, bruising, and some mild discomfort during the next two weeks.

How Much Does a Deep Plane Facelift Cost?

The final cost of a deep plane facelift will be determined based on a number of factors. Price is affected by the time required to perform the deep plane facelift procedure, along with anesthesia fees.

Contact Us to Learn More

Patients are encouraged to contact our office to gain a better understanding of the deep plane facelift in Tampa. To take the first step, schedule a consultation with Dr. Demetri.

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