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Lip Lift Beverly Hills & Tampa

What is a Lip Lift?

There are many variations of lip lifting procedures, specifically for the upper lip. Older techniques of lip lifts placed incisions at the vermillion border which would leave patients with a poorly defined junction and an unsightly scar. Recently, newer techniques have emerged which not only provide a stronger lift but also hide the scar.

How is a Lip Lift done?

The procedure is usually performed with our patient awake under local anesthesia. Incisions are hidden under the base of the nose in the natural crease that is present there. With the Beverly Hills technique Dr. Demetri uses, there is a quick healing time and symmetric elevation to the upper lip. The complications from the older techniques are rarely seen in our modern approach.

Why would I need a Lip Lift?

In younger patients, this procedure is typically done to avoid the unnatural appearance that can be brought on with too much filler injections. Not all patients respond well to filler in their lips. The lift Dr. Demetri performs will offer the upper lip a more defined appearance with greater volume. As we age, the upper lip actually loses volume and increases in length. When this is performed in older patients, the lift helps restore a more youthful facial appearance around the mouth.

What does a Lip Lift do?

The end result of a lip lift is subtle and natural, but several differences are noted after the procedure:

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Non-Surgical Option

If you are looking for a non-surgical lip lift option, Dr.Demetri does offer Botox as well. To learn more about Botox click here

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