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Non-Surgical Procedures



BOTOX® Cosmetic targets one of the underlying causes of frown lines and crow’s feet—the repeated muscle contractions from frowning and squinting over the years. Dr. Demetri will inject these muscles with BOTOX® Cosmetic to temporarily reduce muscle activity.

You will begin to notice a visible smoothing of your crow’s feet lines and frown lines between your brows.

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This innovative technique opens new dimensions of skin rejuvenation. An advanced Botox-based technique developed to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and in some cases even acne. For this procedure, Botox is highly diluted into a solution of skin-hydrating agents and then injected in small doses into the dermis, the inner layer of your skin, in various places on the face and neck.

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Injectables/ Dermal Fillers

Immediate and long-lasting results can be accomplished naturally with minimal downtime. Fillers can be used to create volume, cover up or fill lines and even augment the tissues to turn shadows into highlights. There are several different options of fillers depending on the site that we are treating.

Dr. Demetri is pleased to offer Juvederm® Ultra and Ultra Plus, Volbella®, Vollure®, Voluma®, Restylane®, Restylane® Lyft, Restylane® Silk, Restylane® Defyne, Restylane® Refyne, Belotero®, Sculptra® and Radiesse®.

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Kybella™ is an innovative and effective new way for patients to gain the benefits of liposuction for excess fatty deposits below the chin and not undergo surgery.

Kybella™ is a refined version of a substance called deoxycholic acid, which is naturally produced by your body. Deoxycholic acid’s primary role is assisting with fat absorption. It destroys fat cells wherever it is injected, causing them to be absorbed by the body.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Uncover beautifully radiant results. Skin resurfacing is the removal of the outer layer of the skin using a laser to uncover a younger beauty hidden just underneath the surface. Laser resurfacing is used to treat sunspots, facial scars, facial wrinkles and the photo aging changes in facial skin. Laser resurfacing works by vaporizing the upper layer of skin away as opposed to peeling it with a mild chemical burn.

It can be used to treat the whole face, or portions of it.


Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is an effective way to revitalize your facial appearance by using acids of varying strengths to exfoliate the skin and promote fresh new skin cells. The use of chemical peels has been a long­standing and effective therapy to help reduce fine lines, brown spots and improve the texture of the skin.

There are several variations in the composition of chemical peels and Dr. Demetri will tailor each peel to the appropriate depth needed to obtain a natural, safe, and effective result.