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Dr. Demetri’s Concierge Service

At Dr. Demetri’s practice, we provide concierge service to elevate each patient’s unique surgical experience. Our team is comprised of medical professionals dedicated to providing specialized care that is hands-on and accessible.

­­­­Surgical experiences can be a major milestone in people’s lives. Whether it is being done to improve a certain skin concern or to enhance a facial feature, plastic and reconstructive surgery can signify progress in life. Concierge service is key in ensuring that your experience is comfortable and tailored to your needs and goals.

Pre-Operative Education and Preparation

Medical receptionist with man at the reception deskThe secret to approaching your procedure with confidence is receiving in-depth pre-operative education. Dr. Demetri and his team will discuss the entire process with the patient and their caregiver during a detailed consultation. This will help the patient understand exactly what to expect and develop realistic expectations in terms of their potential results.

Asking questions is highly encouraged. Dr. Demetri wants to make sure you fully understand your surgical procedure before the day of the operation. To this end, it is recommended that you write a list of questions in advance.

Dr. Demetri’s concierge service includes a preparation kit, which will contain pre- and post-operative vitamins and medications, skincare products for incisions, bandages, and garments. Dr. Demetri will also provide special instructions on what to do before and after the procedure.

Medical Planning and Accommodation

A surgical coordinator will be assigned to you. They will oversee pre-operative medical planning, medical clearances, and coordination with other specialists, like our anesthesiology team. All of our anesthesiologists are board-certified to ensure you are getting the best patient care possible.

The surgical coordinator will also secure your hotel and travel arrangements. This allows our patients to focus completely on their procedure and their recovery. There’s no need to stress over transportation or accommodation.

Post-Operative Concierge Service

Our post-operation checkup calls start as soon as the night of the surgery. Patients can reach us on weekdays and weekends through phone or video calls and texts if there is a medical emergency.

Our medical assistants will be available for personal post-operative visits at your home or hotel. We prioritize being as accessible as possible to help you achieve the optimal recovery experience.

Specialized recovery services will also be available based on the details of each patient’s surgical plan. These services may include special healing applications, red light therapy for bruising and circulation, post-operative lymphatic massage, and post-operative skincare guidance.

Discrete Care

Because we understand that discretion is key, we prioritize and protect the privacy of our patients. Those who prefer to attend their surgical appointment anonymously are offered “back door” entry at Dr. Demetri MD.

I highly recommend Dr. Demetri!

“I highly recommend Dr. Demetri! I was a bit nervous for my first visit, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go to him! He’s kind, efficient and listens to give you the exact look what you want. The most natural looking results!!”

by B. H.

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Why Choose Dr. Demetri’s Concierge Service in Tampa Bay?

We know that the decision to undergo a surgical procedure can be challenging. Sometimes, logistical concerns can be even more difficult than the surgery itself. Dr. Demetri’s concierge service is specially designed to make the process easy and comfortable for you. Our experienced team accompanies you every step of the way for personalized and comprehensive care.

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With Dr. Demetri’s concierge service, we allow our patients to focus entirely on their physical health, wellbeing, and recovery. Patients can expect our full commitment and passion in providing value and specialized patient care. Contact us and schedule your consultation today to take the first step towards achieving your goals.

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