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Neck Liposuction Beverly Hills & Tampa

Excess fat in the chin, neck and cheeks may lead to the appearance of being overweight. Despite aggressive diet and exercise routines, this fat often will not go away. To fix this, Dr. Demetri can perform a minor procedure called neck (submental) liposuction.

He uses very small incisions that are hidden so there are no noticeable scars. Then, he will use a suction cannula to gently remove the undesirable fat with a vacuum. He is able to improve the jawline and double chin all at the same time. After the fat has been removed, he wants his patients to use compression dressing for a couple days at nighttime. This allows the skin to settle smoothly over the new and improved neckline.

Buccal fat removal is performed for those patients with round cheeks but desire a more defined facial appearance. As a hereditary condition, it is nearly impossible for some people to get rid of their “chubby cheeks.” Buccal fat removal is the solution for this! It can help slim the cheeks and contour the face better.

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Neck Liposuction
Neck Liposuction


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