If you’re interested in reversing signs of aging to achieve a more youthful look, you may be considering a facelift. Surgical facelifts can rejuvenate your face by lifting and tightening its sagging tissues. These procedures can remove excess skin and pull deep tissues taut to smooth out your complexion. After a facelift, many patients feel more confident and engage the world with renewed positivity.

The three most common facelifts most patients undergo include the standard facelift (also known as the SMAS facelift), the deep-plane facelift, and the mini facelift. Each type of surgery addresses different concerns and helps doctors achieve the best possible results for their patients.

Here’s how each type of facelift works:

The Standard Facelift

The traditional, “standard” facelift using the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) technique mitigates moderate to considerable signs of aging around the neck, jaw, and mid-face.

While the patient is under deep sedation or general anesthesia, the surgeon makes incisions near the front of the ear and the temples, just behind the hairline, then removes excess skin and repositions the deep tissues to smooth and tighten the face, refine the jawline and chin, and eliminate any sagging.

After healing, the patient’s face will have a more youthful shape and a refreshed appearance. Following a two- to three-week recovery period, most patients resume normal activity. The results of a standard facelift are natural-looking but more dramatic and longer-lasting than the effects of non-invasive treatments.

The Deep-Plane Facelift

Deep-plane facelifts are a popular choice for patients who want to reverse advanced signs of aging. These facelifts eliminate jowls and lift and smooth the neck by treating the muscles and skin as a unified section of tissue, and then lifting them together.

The surgeon will make incisions at the temples near the hairline and behind and around the ears to provide access to the deep tissues of the face. They may also release ligaments and raise fat pads in the cheeks before tightening the skin. Deep-plane facelifts create natural-looking, long-lasting results after a 10- to 14-day recovery period. The patient receives general anesthesia during the procedure, which usually takes four hours from start to finish.

The Mini Facelift

A mini facelift, also known as an “S-lift” or “weekend facelift,” is a moderately intensive surgical procedure that addresses early signs of aging before they become extremely evident. This technique can provide patients with a refreshed and energized appearance while allowing them to delay more extensive surgery for several years.

After the patient receives local anesthesia, a heavy sedative, or general anesthesia, their surgeon will make short incisions near their hairline above each ear or in the natural creases around their ears. Next, the surgeon will lift and tighten the deep facial tissues around the cheeks to refine the jawline and lower face. Most patients recover from a mini-facelift in five to ten days.

Choosing the Right Facelift for You

When you are considering different facelift options, it’s important to speak to a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Demetri to find clarity on the look you want to achieve. Your age, facial structure, overall health, and skin quality will play a large role in determining which type of surgery will be most appropriate for you. During your consultation, he should help you understand the pros, cons, and limitations of each surgical technique.
Consult with Dr. Demetri

Getting a facelift can be a wonderful way to enhance your appearance when you’re invested in looking great and living your best life. Because a facelift is a major surgical procedure with long-lasting effects, it must be performed by a competent, skilled, and experienced surgeon with an eye for beauty. Dr. Demetri has a stellar reputation and will be able to guide you toward attaining the results you desire.

If you want to discover which kind of facelift is best for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Demetri in Tampa, FL. He is dedicated to helping you take the next step in enhancing your appearance.