Check out what our patient Kaci has to say about her rhinoplasty experience!


My Go-to Dr. for Injectables!!

I have always been skeptical of getting botched lips or Botox from all the horror stories I hear of uneducated injectors. But I can honestly say Dr. D blows that out of the water! I have always had the best experience with him when getting my Botox and Juvederm filler. I love how he made my lips look so luscious, but very natural at the same time. I like that not only is he very knowledgeable and informative, but he is conservative of your appearance. Not too much, not too little. He has the perfect touch and is very light handed. He is my absolute go to for my injections every time. And he has great bedside manner, which is super hard to find in a doctor these days . Highly recommend!!!

— B.L.

“Awesome Experience!”

I went to Dr. D with two major concerns - the contour of my cheekbones and my lips. I expressed that I wanted to keep a natural appearance and he did just that. The injections were painless and the process was quick and easy. During the appointment, I got a little nauseous (due to my personal dislike of needles), but Dr. D was extremely comforting and patient. I've already referred him to my coworkers, friends and family. Looking forward to visiting Dr. D again.

— J.U.

I'm in my late 30's and started getting Botox in my mid-twenties I have tried innumerable injectors and this was unequivocally the best Botox experience I've ever had!!

— M.S.


“Instagram Model getting Under eye filler”

I got my undereyes done by Dr. Demetri and he did an amazing job. I was hesitant about this procedure from the beginning, but he assured me I would be a great candidate and I am so happy that I did it. My results are awesome and way better than what I expected them to be. Thank you! 

— R.L.

Best doctor for TMJ/facial slimming botox.”

I went to Dr. Arnaoutakis for Botox treatment for TMJ and facial slimming in my jaw. A lot of friends told me it may take a few treatments to feel any relief from TMJ, but one Botox session with Dr. Arnaoutakis and I already feel better! Plus my jaw area has slimmed up tremendously. I’m extremely happy with the results and could not recommend Dr. Arnaoutakis more!

— J.S.


Kybella- AMAZING results with the best Doctor!

I can't begin to express my satisfaction and I am AGAIN so impressed with Dr. Arnaoutakis and his abilities to make me look my BEST! I was interested in doing liposuction in my chin/neck area and he suggested Kybella. This noninvasive procedure was so simple. And the results- just WOW! With two easy treatments there is a HUGE noticeable difference in my neck. My jawline shows more than ever, and it was great to learn that this fat reduction lasts forever. This was virtually painless, just a sting at the injection time and thats it! Improvements slowly show over the next month. Above my impressive results it is Dr. Demetri and his patient care and attention that makes me so comfortable. He will be my doctor forever, and highly recommended to anyone who wants any botox, filler, lip filler, kybella, etc. He does it all, and is the BEST. Thank you Dr. Demetri for helping me look and feel my best! 

— K.D.

I had a wonderful experience.

Dr. Arnaoutakis is an extremely professional, talented and approachable physician. I am a 60 year old woman who is dealing with the normal symptoms of facial aging, such as, frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crows feet and loss of volume in the cheeks and lips. Initially, I felt uncomfortable talking about these issues, having many fears and concerns. Dr A. quickly put me a ease and immediately seemed to how I could best benefit from these procedures. He chose a combination of botox and Juvederm (dermal filler). For example, I have been unhappy with the loss of volume around my cheekbones, Dr. Arnaoutakis determined that my face actually was not symmetrical. He explained that the left cheek did not have the same volume as the right cheek. He injected Juvederm into the left side and it made an immediate difference. He is very gifted in determining how to create facial symmetry. For my frown lines and forehead wrinkles he injected botox. He is excellent at determining where to safely inject the botox to have maximum impact.This procedure significantly reduced wrinkles in a very natural way. Lastly, my lips have always been very small, but have decreased in size with age. I was afraid to have filler injected because I didn't want to end up with "duck" lips. Dr. A. assured me that he would only inject a small amount of Juvederm into the upper and lower lips and that they would look proportionate.He did not disappoint. I am very pleased with my lips. They look so natural and I actually have enough volume to put on lipstick! Thank you, Dr. Arnaoutakis!!

— C.A.