I can’t begin to express my satisfaction and I am AGAIN so impressed with Dr. Arnaoutakis and his abilities to make me look my BEST! I was interested in doing liposuction in my chin/neck area and he suggested Kybella. This noninvasive procedure was so simple. And the results- just WOW! With two easy treatments there is a HUGE noticeable difference in my neck. My jawline shows more than ever, and it was great to learn that this fat reduction lasts forever. This was virtually painless, just a sting at the injection time and thats it! Improvements slowly show over the next month. Above my impressive results it is Dr. Demetri and his patient care and attention that makes me so comfortable. He will be my doctor forever, and highly recommended to anyone who wants any botox, filler, lip filler, kybella, etc. He does it all, and is the BEST. Thank you Dr. Demetri for helping me look and feel my best!